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Who is Virtual Coaching suitable for?

Virtual Coaching offers many advantages. These are described in detailed in the following list.


  1. Virtual Self-Coaching (VSC) will increase the effectiveness and value of your coaching services. By offering it to your clients for use in the the time between coaching sessions, you are helping your clients to be able to work on their own issues independently.
  2. Virtual Leadership Coaching (VLC) enables you to position yourself successfully in the leadership training market. Complement or substitute traditional leadership seminars with the significantly more effective VLC-Training/Coaching.
  3. Virtual Consulting/Sales Coaching (VCC) is a better alternative to traditional sales seminars and typical sales coaching. VCC guarantees high effectivess at a low price. Take advantage of this market opportunity!
  4. Virtual Call-Center Coaching (VC-CC) is a highly attractive opportunity for you to position yourself successfully in the Call-Center market. VC-CC will improve your performance to a level, which you never thought is possible.
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  1. Virtual Transfer Coaching (VTC) is likely to result in you expanding your training business. Through VTC you accompany your seminar participantsin becoming able to sustainably apply what they've learnt in training to their everyday work. Due to the great benefits of this tool, companies are often willing to take over the relatively low additional cost.
  2. With Virtual Leadership Coaching (VLC) is a much more effective alternative over traditional leadership seminars and thus, through this tool you are likely to improve your position in the leadership training market.
  3. Seminar participants who suddenly identify their coaching needs, will certainly be interested in this service in addition to their coaching sessions.With Virtual Self-Coaching (VSC), you are offering quality coaching at a low cost.
  4. With Virtual Consulting/Sales Coaching (VCC) you can expand the range of services you are offering as a trainer.VCC guarantees high effectiveness at a low price. Take advantage of this chance and enrich your sales training sevices with VCC!
  5. Call-Center Coaching (VC-CC) provides an opportunity to offer a highly attractive service as a trainer. VC-CC will improve your performance to a level, which you never thought is possible. Take advantage of this chance and enrich your training services in the Call-Center area through VC-CC!
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Through their use of VC-tools, consultancies assisting organizations in complex change processes, demonstrate innovation.

  1. Virtual Leadership Coaching (VLC) draws the attention to the three or four activities, which are central to success. We thus, recommend the support of leaders, who are undergoing change processes, through the use of VLC.
  2. Workshops and seminars, where participants get new orientations and learn new behavioral patterns, are essential in the framework of change projects. To ensure the success of the project it is important that participants can apply what they've learnt in the workshop/seminar in their everyday work. This is the task of the Virtual Transfer Coaching (VTC).
  3. Complex change projects depend on individual consultations with key individuals. This process requires professionalism and flexibility, two qualities which can be convincingly demonstrated after having received Virtual Self-Coaching (VSC).
  4. Consultancies supporting their clients on the consulting or sales front line, can improve their marketing position through their use of the Virtual Consulting /Sales Coaching (VCC).
  5. Consultancies working in cooperation with Call-Centers can offer their clients a convincing sign of their professionalism and innovation potential by providing support through the Virtual Call-Center Coaching (VC-CC).
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Human Resources professionals

Personnel development in organizations (enterprises, public sector, non-profit organizations) aims to contribute towards the implementation of optimal development measures through cost-benefit analysis. Use VC tools:

  1. To reduce the costs of coaching which is of equal quality: work with coaches who are professionally using the Virtual Self-Coaching (VSC).
  2. To increase the cost-benefit relation of training: recommend to your own, as well as to external trainers to use the Virtual Transfer Coaching (VTC) for increased effectiveness.
  3. To sustainably improve the performance of your sales team: Take advantage of the Virtual Consulting/Sales Coaching (VCC) capabilities.
  4. To improve the ratio in your Call-Center: apply new pioneering approaches, enabled through the Virtual Call-Center Coaching (VC-CC) .
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Private users

Virtual Self-Coaching (VSC) supports individuals,

  1. who wish to become clearer about their medium and long-term career perspectives
  2. who wish to understand if it is feasible for them to make a transition to become self-employed and how they should best prepare themselves
  3. who are new in positioning themselves in the job market, or who were unemployed and they are looking to find a work position
  4. who wish to balance better the relaitionship between their work and private life
  5. who have a new work position and wish to establish themselves quickly.
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