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Virtual Goal Attainment Coaching (VGA Coaching)

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You set an important and challenging goal in your professional or private life. The Virtual Goal Attainment coaching program (VGA) will help you to systematically plan and implement the working steps that will take you to your destination. The strength of this approach is that these working steps are also utilized as a learning medium, which serve to further develop your capabilities and optimize your chances for success.

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You wish to reach a goal in your professional or private life. However, this hasn’t worked so well until now. This might be due to the fact that your goal has not been formulated carefully enough, or perhaps that the steps to be taken, in order to reach the goal haven’t been well thought-out.

Sometimes, however, one knows exactly what goal one wishes to reach. In this case, the problem lies possibly in the lack of consistency, when implementing steps that lead to the set goal. At this point you may need some assistance. The Virtual Goal Attainment coaching program (VGA) will offer you invaluable support in the process towards reaching the goal, specifically where it is most valuable for you.

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The VGA coaching program consists of two modules which guide the process as follows:

(1) The first VGA module – with an additional one-hour long telephone coaching session – will help you to prioritize and to consistently follow necessary steps towards your goal. As a result you will clarify what you need to do in the following one, two or three weeks for the optimal and consistent implementation of these necessary steps.

(2)The second part of the process involves the close monitoring of the implementation of these steps and planning the next one, two or three weeks based on this observation. The second VGA module at this point offers a second - typically 30 minute - telephone coaching session.

The process continues in a similar way, until you reach your set goal.

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The VGA Coaching program has a simple and clear structure. You know from the outset exactly what process you are entering is and what is important. In addition, the program offers a high degree of flexibility, as it may be used anywhere and anytime.

The VGA program is highly effective and offers extremely good value for money, as it can be customized to involve the right mix of individual work, telephone coaching and face to face sessions.

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