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Effective and affordable resources for coaches´ quality control

Coaching places high demands on the coach. The classic answer to this challenge is to work with a supervisor or to use the opportunity of peer supervision. With the internet-tool “Virtual Coaching – Supervision (VC-S)” a third way becomes available. This is not so much an alternative, but rather it is complementary to the existing options.

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The internet-tool “Virtual Coaching – Supervision (VC-S)” aims to contribute to coaches´ quality control check, effectively and through the use of affordable resources. In addition, it can also be used as part of the coaching training. This is typically work in peer-groups, with the task to supervise each other. Junior coaches need detailed instructions to avoid becoming overwhelmed. The tool “Virtual Coaching – Supervision (VC-S)” provides these instructions.

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“Virtual Coaching – Supervision (VC-S)” is a tool for assessing the quality of individual coaching sessions. It assist s you either in the framework of peer-supervision or with the support of a supervisor, to work independently in systematically reflecting and analyzing the decisions you made as a coach during your sessions with your client. For this reason, the tool offers a series of questions, to which you respond in written. Guided in this way you take your own, individual way to reach your goals. It is recommended that you get supervision on two or three sequential sessions of a client.

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Your Advantages

The internet tool ''Virtual Coaching – Supervision (VC-S)“ has a simple, clear structure, which has been tested in practice over many years and its success has been scientifically proven. You know from the outset exactly which process you are entering and what is important for your success. In addition, the program offers a high degree of flexibility, in terms of time and location, facilitated by the use of modern media. In order to choose a suitable coach, you may select one from the coach-pool website. The website lists exclusively certified coaches who have received additional training. In addition, you can tailor the program to your needs, by selecting your preferred mix of internet program-based individual work and individual consultation and support through a coach, either in the form of telephone-based coaching or face-to-face. All this makes Virtual Coaching – Supervision (VC-S ) highly valuable and cost effective.

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