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Improve your coaching capability to ask solution-oriented questions

„Virtual Self-Coaching (VSC)“ is an internet-based program, which aims to improve your coaching capability to ask solution-oriented questions. Through exemplifying your own problems or challenging issues you become acquainted with a classification scheme, which guides you in asking appropriate questions in specific situations. „Virtual Self-Coaching (VSC)“ can also be used as a problem-solving tool and to enrich your self-coaching ability, which is applied over two coaching sessions. Presence coaching can even be replaced when there is high self-reflection capability and self-motivation.

If required, this web-based program can be complemented with:

  • a free text with instructions, which explains the theoretical background of the Virtual Self-Coaching and provides tips for training to ask solution-focused questions
  • support given by a personal coach from our Coach Pool (a fee will be charged for this service)
  • participation in a training group (a fee will be charged for this service)

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Die Nutzung des Virtuellen Selbstcoachings ist für Sie kostenlos, wenn Sie mit einem VSC-Coach zusammenarbeiten. VSC-Coaches bieten allen Interessenten ein kostenloses Informationsgespräch an.

Wenn Sie ohne Coach arbeiten möchten, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter 040 6785331 oder 0171 9697130.

Preise für Lizenz-Coaches

  • 12 Monate max. 6 Klienten: 200,- Euro zzgl. Mwst.
  • 6 Monate max. 3 Klienten: 100,- Euro zzgl. Mwst.
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