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Overview of the application

On this page you can find screenshots, which illustrate how „Virtual Coaching“ (VC) is applied. It doesn´t make a difference whether you are using the Virtual Goal Attainment Coaching or the Virtual Transfer Coaching, as the programs follow a largely similar structure.

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Your Profile

Screenshot of the page: Profile overview

After you have logged in, you can see your profile. There you are able to see your active programs.

This page is an entry point to other Virtual Coaching (VC) programs. Here you can customize your user data and switch to your program(s).

Create a new coaching topic

Screen shot of the page: Create new coaching issue

Coaching topics, which you can work on through the various programs are central to „Virtual Coaching (VC)”. As long as you have access to a program, you are unrestricted in how many coaching topics you create.

The screenshot shows the Virtual Self-Coaching.

An overview of your coaching topics

Screenshot of the page: Create new coaching issue

Every program offers you an overview of all topics, which you have created in this program and which you can access anytime. This way “Virtual Coaching (VC)” allows interrupting the work progress and continuing it at a later point.

The editing process

Screenshot of the page: Solution finder

No matter which program you choose, the basic work process is always the same. You are working towards your goal through responding to questions. The most important moments in the methodological design in the concept of the “Virtual Coaching (VC)“ are the following:

On one hand, you are guided through the internet program, which asks you to answer in written a series of systematically structured questions. This way you approach your goal step by step.

On the other hand, you can ask a coach of your choice to support you. More details in regard to this in the following section.

Ask for a Coaching

Screen shot of the page: Request coaching

If you wish for support for a coaching theme, you have the possibility to ask anytime one of our professional coaches from the coach pool for assistance.

The coach will get in touch with you at a time, which is suitable for you. Following a short interview we will provide you with a suitable coach to your needs. The coach will offer you telephone-based support and optionally he may be given access to your already formulated coaching issues.

Visual navigation assistance

Screenshot of the page: aid to navigation

The program Virtual Self-Coaching offers you the opportunity to have an overview of your working steps, through the visual navigation assistance function.

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