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Get more sales from your customers.

Virtual consultant-/sales coaching (VCC) is independent of industry. It applies to all working in customer service or sales and who wish to optimize their contact to customers and sales performance. The primary objective is increase sales competency and to strengthen customer loyalty.

Central to this approach is the combination of individual VCC work and personal consultation through a coach/trainer via telephone or face-to-face. The consultation and the program focus on the points where there might be possibilities for optimizing the relationship to customers.

This way, you receive a highly sustainable, and very affordable service whereby you are always improving your personal qualities (???).

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The virtual consultant-/sales coaching (VCC) is tailored precisely to your individual needs. It supports you in recognizing and reaching your potential as a consultant/ vendor. It helps you to enhance customer loyalty and it ensures sustainable success.

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Through the virtual consultant-/sales coaching (VCC) you focus on those points of your customer dialogue which you believe can be improved. In order to identify them and to use them effectively, you are provided with a series of questions which you respond to in written within the internet program. Your responses are not evaluated , neither are they the foundation of subsequent actions or recommendations. However, you profit from this process in two ways:

First, the program guides you in drawing your own conclusions independently, and second, your invaluable self-perceived insights are subsequently critically analyzed by the coach. Our VCC coaches will be pleased to support you with your experience(?)

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You wish to improve the relationship and dialogue with your customers, to identify their needs and motives and also to use this knowledge for your sales? A prerequisite to this is that you analyze any potential blind spots. Thus, receiving additional support from a coach is essential. The combination of your independent work with the VCC program through which you identify the issues at stake and parallel working with a coach lead you to sustainably use your potential.

Your consultation agreement with the coach consists of two steps:

Step 1: You grant the coach reading rights, i.e., the possibility to observe what you write on the internet program.

Step 2: You agree on regular consultation meetings with the coach (via telephone or face-to-face). During these consultations you receive invaluable support, didactic and in terms of content. Any blind spots are identified. You discuss with the coach how these findings might be transferred into practice. The direct contact to the coach is time efficient, as you are prepared, through your work with the VCC program, and the coach is also prepared, due to his/her reading rights.

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Please contact us for an individual consultation.

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Your advantages

The virtual consultant-/sales coaching (VCC) has a simple, clear structure, which has been tested in practice over many years and its success has been scientifically proven. You know from the outset exactly which process you are entering and what is important for your success. In addition, the program offers a high degree of flexibility, in terms of both, time and location, facilitated by the use of modern media. In order to choose a suitable coach you may select one from the coach-pool website. The website lists exclusively certified coaches who have received additional training. In addition, you can tailor the program to your needs, by selecting your preferred mix of internet program-based individual work and individual consultation and support through a coach, either in the form of telephone-based coaching or face-to-face. All this makes Virtual consultant-/sales coaching (VCC) highly valuable and cost -effective.

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