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How can problems be solved which previously appeared insolvable?

The “Virtual Problem Solving Coaching (VPC)” offers support to individuals who finally wish to solve a problem related to their private or professional life.

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Problems that previously appeared insolvable often take much of our time – often too much. Many times we don’t see the so-called “blind spots” that prevent us from finding a problem solution. In order to see those spots including information on how to solve the problem it is important to systematically analyse our own, often limited point of view. Problems then often seem to dissolve - almost automatically.

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Step 1: The client is asked to look at his or her issue in a new and unusual manner. The surprising result is that new ways of solving the problem are discovered.

Step 2: These new ways of solving the problem discovered in the first session are now tested for two or three weeks. The second coaching session will focus on the client´s experiences during this time.

Step 3: The third coaching session is prepared and carried out in a similar way to the second session.

Three coaching sessions held at intervals of two to three weeks are usually sufficient to solve the problem at stake. It has proven helpful to have a final coaching session after six to eight weeks.

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Please contact us for an individual consultation.

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The “Virtual Problem Solving Coaching (VPC)” has a simple and clear structure. You exactly know from the outset what the process looks like and what is important. Furthermore, the program is highly flexible, as it may be used anywhere and any time.

Our “Virtual Problem Solving Coaching (VPC)” is highly effective and offers high value for money, as it can be customized to involve the right combination of individual work, telephone coaching and face-to-face sessions.

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