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Privacy Statement

Dear User,in some places on our website and in the use of the VC system, we ask you to provide personal information about yourself. We store and process this data according to existing laws. We would like to inform you here about how we deal with this information.

Personal information

When you register for the Virtual Coaching, we ask for your personal information. This is necessary, partly for the correct functionality of the system, and partly for us to be able to contact you partly or to send you personalized offers (if you agreed to them). Your information will be stored in our database. We would like to ensure you that there will be no disclosure to third parties without your informed consent.

Coaching topics und answers

Virtual Coaching is a database application. All responses, which are entered while using the VC will be saved in the database. Our administrators are in the position to view all coaching topics and answers. However, they will only do so if it is necessary for technical reasons.

Every coaching topic can be activated and de-activated by the coach. Other users don't have access to your data and your coaching issues and answers are treated as confidential. No information will be disclosed to third parties and you may withdraw the read permission you have given to your coach for your coaching topic at anytime.


If you use the VC via a partner, be aware that the partner will have access to your personal data, your coaching topics and all answers. The partner will use this data to the extent that is necessary to offer his service. Please contact your partner in case of questions.

Partners do not have access to the server directly.


You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly updates about coaching via modern media. This requires your email address, which will be stored and used solely for the purpose of sending you the newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any given time.

Connection data

When you send a request from your browser to our server data such as, your IP address, your browser version, the requested URL and the time will be submitted and stored. We need this data to be able to offer you our services, as well as for statistical purposes. This data is automatically collected. We will not correlate this data with other data sources.

Based on your IP address, it is theoretically possible to identify the owner of your internet connection. However, this can only be carried out practically, if it is necessary from a legal perspective.


we use Session Cookies to provide our service. Session cookies are stored on your browser and allow our server to identify it across visits. This way, we can keep track of settings like chosen language or whether you have logged into the Virtual Coaching.

Most browsers will automatically accept cookies. You can change this behavior in your browser's settings. Note that disabling cookies will greatly reduce the usability of the Virtual Coaching.


All data traffic between you and our servers is secured using an SSL connection with 128-bit strong encryption. It is therefore highly unlikely that third parties will intercept and read your data. You can identify that your data encrypted on (the s of the https) on the internet address in your browser. Our server will redirect you to a secure connection if necessary.


In order recover from a service disruption in a timely manner in case of a server malfunction, we create automated backups on a daily basis. These backups will contain all data stored on the server and will be stored in the data center of our hosting partner for two weeks. After this time, they are automatically deleted again.

Data transparency and ownership

At any time, you are entitled to being freely informed about your data stored with us, and also to claim any correction, barring or erasure of your data within the currently existing legal boundaries. For any inquiries, please use the address given in the imprint.

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