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Improve employees´ self-organizing abilities

The main task of modern management is to set realistic yet challenging goals for employees. This however, presupposes that employees have a well-developed ability to self organize. Only then will they use the free space given to them productively. Thus, managers need to be highly aware of employees´ self-organizing abilities and they need to be able to help them improve this ability. The concept of Virtual Employee (VE) coaching offers specialized support.

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The program supports or guides managers in enhancing employees´ or their own self-organization and self-organizing ability, in order to improve efficiency and performance.

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Managers are guided through questions that help them learn or optimize a specific leadership style. When managers repeatedly ask employees specific questions, employees learn that these questions concern important issues. Consequently, employees focus their work and adapt their corporate behavior to address these issues. This is key to improving the ability to self-organize.

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Step 1: The manager asks the employee (s) regularly, every 4 to 6 weeks:

  • Which was the most important goal, which he/she set in the last 4 to 6 weeks ?
  • What was the main challenge he/she faced in accomplishing this goal during this time period ?
  • Which was the main activity that he/she undertook in this time period to overcome the challenges and to accomplish his/her goal ?
  • Which was the employee’s perceived quality of this main activity on a scale from 0 to 10 ?
  • What would he/she have to do specifically to improve the quality of this activity ?
  • Furthermore, the manager asks the employee(s) about the next 6 to 8 weeks:

    • What is his/her most important goal ?
    • What is the greatest challenge preventing him/her from achieving this goal ?
    • Which problem-solving strategy will he/she follow ?
    • What kind of support will he/she need from the manager ?

    The steps mentioned above are repeated after 4 to 6 weeks.

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  • Virtual Employee (VE) coaching optimizes managers´ support to employees, which otherwise is a very time-consuming process.
  • Virtual Employee (VE) coaching helps managers to become aware of employees in their daily work and to get an overall picture of their performance.
  • Virtual Employee (VE) coaching helps managers to identify and appreciate each employee´s performance. It also assists in identifying issues that need to be clarified and opportunities for improvement, thereby helping managers to make effective use of their time.
  • The time you need as an employee to work on Virtual Employee (VE) coaching is only 10 minutes (for each employee).
  • This tool can be used flexibly. This proves very useful, particularly in times of a high workload.
  • Careful online monitoring of your leadership style followed by encouraging feedback and precise needs-based consultation guarantees maximum effectiveness.
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