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What is „Virtual Coaching (VC)“?

Over the last few years our society has very clearly changed: It has become more complex, fast-paced, solution- oriented and less predictable.

This entails that there is a greater need for individuals to develop their self-management capabilities. This is the case, not only for the few, such as managers, but for everyone and also throughout life, from education until retirement. The individual thus, has to cope in a more self-directed way with his/her professional objectives, professional biography and private life ( work-life balance). Often people feel overwhelmed by these complex and challenging (life) tasks and would therefore like to have a cost-effective and solution-oriented support. “Virtual Coaching (VC)” provides this support with a variety of programs ( VBC, VEC, VFC, VMC, VPC, VSC, VTC, VZC, VC-B and VC-S).

“Virtual Coaching (VC)” makes use of modern media and their various possibilities and is thus, flexible as it transcends geographic barriers and time and cost-effective.

„Virtual Coaching (VC)“ supports self-competence.

„Virtual Coaching (VC)“ makes use of the possibilities of the internet to enhance coaching effectiveness. Its main goal is to support self- competence, a skill which enhances our ability to cope with our set goals. Depending on the program, these goals may be rather different.

“Virtual Coaching (VC)“ adopts a methodological design, which is characterized by two main aspects: Firstly, the user is guided through an internet program and is asked to respond in written to a series of systematically coherent questions. This way, step by step the user approaches his /her goals. The guided self-coaching via internet is accompanied by a suitable personal coach via telephone or face to face.